Puhkerand Logistic Centre, consisting of Puhkeranna tee 1, Puhkeranna tee and Puhkeranna roheala plots is a logistics and industrial park planned in the territory of Lääne-Harju municipality, in the outskirts of the city of Paldiski.

The logistic centre is intended to become a port with a connection to railway.

The land unit is situated in the close proximity to Paldiski South Harbour and Paldiski Northern Port, which can easily provide logistic support services.


Puhkeranna tee 1 
183 700 m2, commercial property
  • total number of buildings - 15, with a maximum of two levels.
  • maximum height of the buildings - 12 metres. 
  • the largest construction area possible - 36 000 square metres.
  • the largest gross building area possible - 72 000 square metres.

Puhkeranna tee 
11 045 m2, transportation property 

Intended for the construction of road and communications.

Puhkeranna roheala 
46 200 m2, public green space area

  • The plot can be divided into smaller units
  • Power supply capacity is 2 MW and the connection is planned from Paldiski South Harbour
  • Water supply and sewage until 50 m3 / day is solved in cooperation with the neighboring Raja land unit